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Santa Monica Adult Entertainment

Hosting an event requires elaborate planning. Every detail must be perfect. You need to hire the best caterer, find the best venue and you want to hire the best possible entertainment. Instead of hiring just anyone to entertain your guests, go for the best. At Premier Party Strippers, our girls are the best at what they do because they understand what makes their client's happy. Our entertainers are highly skilled and are well known throughout Southern California for providing top quality entertainment each and every time they're hired. If you are planning on having a party in the Santa Monica area, don't leave your entertainment to chance. Call our office at 877-486-9499 and talk with one of our office staff today. We offer same day service or you can book months in advance to make sure you get the girl or girls that will make your night complete.

Parties and Events

Our girls perform at all types of events, parties, and gatherings. No matter what you're celebrating, we can bring the party to life. Getting divorced? We can help relieve the stress and frustration that goes along with starting over. Having a birthday? Who knew getting older could be so much fun! Choose your type of party and our girls can create a show that you'll never forget.

  • Divorce parties
  • Company parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Poker parties
  • Tailgating parties
  • Fantasy Drafts Sport parties
  • Going away parties
  • Bachelor parties

Even if you're just having a “guy's night out” party, we can provide the entertainment that will keep your party going all night long. Our girls will bring several costume changes, tricks, and props that will be used throughout the night to keep your spirits high and everybody in attendance smiling.

Affordable Rates

Many entertainers in the Santa Monica and Southern California area charge exorbitant prices for their entertainers. Not Premier Party Strippers. We keep our prices affordable for one simple reason. If our prices are reasonable, you will have more money to tip your dancers. Our dancers work hard for every dollar they earn. We want to make sure you can show your appreciation to them for all of the smiles and warm fuzzy feelings they give you. We know that may sound crazy, but we think our dancers deserve the best treatment possible. For us, that means letting them in their money first hand. With our prices some of the lowest in the business, this means our dancers are some of the best paid because they earn directly from you! So don't be shy! Always show your appreciation for the hard work they put into your event and tip them accordingly!

What Makes Us Difference

At Premier Party Strippers, we pride ourselves on being a cut above. We don't want to be like other entertainment companies. Our dancers are the best in the business because they go through several screenings and auditions before they are ever allowed to appear at your event. We make sure we hire the absolute best, most reliable, and trustworthy dancers possible. In our business, discretion is a must. We value your privacy, as well as that of our dancers. We guarantee complete, 100% confidentiality from the time you book your appointment until the very last guest has left the event.

We also take pride in our professionalism. Each of our dancers works hard at being on time, every time they're scheduled to perform. They will arrive at your event with everything they need to put on the best show possible. Once they start their performance, they offer each guest individualized attention to ensure that everyone gets their money's worth. Even if you ask for same day service, the goal is always the same. Reputable, reliable service that's affordable and entertaining on all levels. When you want to hire professional entertainers, don't rely on just any company. Hire the best in the business. Pretty Party Strippers has gained a reputation for being second to none and we will do whatever it takes to ensure we keep that reputation intact.

The Very Best Girls to Choose From

What type of girl are you looking for? Why stop at just one? Hire two or three and triple the fun for the evening. The following is just a partial list of our most popular girls. It's just a small sampling of what you have to choose from when you call our office to book your entertainment.

  • Joy – Joy's blend of the exotic with the erotic should be illegal and probably is in several states. Don't let her small size fool you. A little dynamite goes a long way. Take a second to enter her sweepstakes and see what kind of adventures you will be in store for if you win!
  • Kaitlyn – Music, dancing, sports, and traveling are just a few of Kaitlyn's many interests. She's completely spontaneous so you never know where she will lead you next. Her open-minded way of thinking always keeps her moving towards her next adventure. If you choose to ride along, hold on tight, the ride will never be boring.
  • Marissa – With Marissa, you never quite know what you'll get. She's spontaneous and versatile and loves to try new things. Beauty and personality are both wrapped up in one pretty package. Marissa's philosophy is that it all adds up as long as everyone is having a great time.
  • Lucy – Lucy is the shy one, but once she warms up there's no stopping her. Big surprises await whoever chooses this little muse. From modeling her favorite lingerie to showing off all of her assets, Lucy is never dull and will always bring a sparkle to your eye.
  • Cassidy – Bad decisions make the best memories, or so they say! With Cassidy, any time is a good time to cut loose and get a little crazy! When you add her to the mix, your event will go off the charts when it comes to having a good time full of awesome memories and wild shenanigans.
  • Katya – Long, tall and tanned perfectly describes Katya. She enjoys showing off her lacy lingerie and takes every opportunity to play and have a good time. If you're looking for exotic beauty and raw sex appeal, Katya is the girl for your event!
  • Paige – Want to try new things and do a little exploring? Paige is the girl for you. Always on the go, Paige is never satisfied with the same old routine. She loves to be outdoors, but she loves to have fun too. If you're up for an adventure, bring Paige along for the ride and see if you're able to keep up with her!
  • Sasha – Sasha has a flair for the erotic. Her spontaneity is contagious and her drive to have the most fun possible is exhausting. When you hire her for your party, she'll bring the enthusiasm if you bring your willingness to have a great time!
  • Emily – Emily is known to rank at the top of both the naughty and the nice lists during the holidays. She's a bad girl who's very good at what she does! She's a natural beauty with a brain to match. Give her a minute or two and she will have you thinking of the most outrageous things!
  • Brianna – Brianna is our beach bunny, but for as much as she loves the waves and the ocean she loves to have a good time! Great music, good food and the company of her favorite clients are all she asks for to be content. Throw in a little adrenaline and sex appeal and you have the recipe for the perfect party!
  • Sammy – Sammy is one of a kind. She loves being outdoors and traveling. She also loves to socialize and have fun with her friends. Sammy loves to share and looks forward to spending time with each and every guest at the party. If you are looking for the girl who always has a smile on her face and loves to laugh, Sammy is who you need!
  • Kate – Kate is into having fun! She's known to go to the extreme and doesn't care if she crosses the line between good and bad. Her favorite cologne, Sex Panther is extremely rare and known to drive the men crazy. If you are looking for a fun night with one of the wildest girls in the industry, Kate is the girl for you!

Location, Location, Location

Just like in real estate, the key is location, location, location. Premier Party Strippers can provide the entertainment for your party no matter where it's located in Southern California. If you live in the Santa Monica area or any of the cities we serve, we can provide same day service at an affordable price. A few of the communities where our dancers have performed include Riverside, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Bernardino, Beverly Hills and Palm Springs. Our entertainers are well known throughout Southern California, both for their beauty and for their talent. We know without a doubt that if you hire any of our dancers, you will be 100% satisfied and will come back to us again and again in the future.

Don't leave the entertainment portion of your party to chance. Call Premier Party Strippers at 877-486-9499 for same day service! We can provide the entertainment you want no matter where your event is in the Santa Monica area. We offer 100% confidentiality as well as 24-hour service. We protect your privacy and will help you to maintain the utmost discretion at all times. Our dancers are the best in the business. We don't hire just anyone. We have an extensive screening process that allows us to choose only the best girls for the job. When you need quality entertainment at a moment's notice, you only have to look as far as Premier Party Strippers. We have exactly what you are looking for at a reasonable price. Call our office today and one of our representatives will begin the process of setting up the entertainment for your event. We want you to have a great time and our dancers guarantee you will always have a time to remember!