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Orange County Adult Entertainment

When having fun is the name of the game, you want to hire entertainers who can cut loose and make sure everyone in attendance has a good time. At Premier Party Strippers, we make sure our entertainers are just what you need to keep your event going for as long as you want it to. Each entertainer is quite capable of bringing out the adventurer in all of your guests. We can provide the entertainment for any type of occasion located anywhere in Southern California and especially in the Orange County area. Call our office at 877-486-9499 to schedule your event and choose the type of entertainer you want for your party. We will show you the girls that are available for the day of your event and provide you with a little background information on each one. Make your choice, finish the paperwork and you're all set.

Parties For All Occasions

Premier Party Strippers knows how to make any party go off the charts. We can handle any size or type of gathering, all we need is a theme and a location! A few of the events we have performed at include:

  • Birthday parties
  • Divorce parties
  • Retirement parties
  • Bachelor parties
  • Poker parties
  • Fantasy drafts/Sport parties
  • Company gatherings
  • Going away parties

No matter what you are celebrating, our entertainers have numerous costumes and outfits that will allow them to make the most of your special day. Throwing the party together at a moment's notice? No problem! We offer same day service. Call us in the morning and we will schedule your party for that night!

Our entertainers also have numerous skits, tricks, and props at their disposal to make every party completely unique. We want to make sure every person who attends takes away something special from your event. Once we know the theme and type of party you're having, your dancer will put together a show like no other. Every person who attends will go home with a memory they can replay for many years to come. It's our goal to make sure you have the night of your life!

Affordable Pricing

One of the things that make Premier Party Strippers the most popular and well-known entertainment company in Orange County and the rest of Southern California is our affordable rates. We keep our rates reasonable so that you and your guests are able to tip your dancers what they deserve. After all, they are the ones giving 110% to make sure your night is everything you want it to be and more. It doesn't matter if you hire one, two or three of our girls and your party goes on for several hours. The goal is to make it affordable to you so that the majority of what you have to spend is given directly to your dancers during their performance. Call our office today to find out what kind of rate we can give you for your private party. We offer special pricing for certain events and will make sure our dancers arrive promptly on time and ready to give their best performance. We also offer same day service!

Meet the Girls

Our entertainers are second to none. No matter what look you prefer, we have dancers to fit the bill each and every time. The following is a list of some of our favorite dancers. They include:

  • Brianna – Cuddling and spooning are two of Brianna's favorite hobbies. She also likes great music, sex, good food, and the rush of adrenaline you get when you're having lots of fun!
  • Cassidy – Known for making some wicked decisions, Cassidy is always the life of the party. She loves to dance and have a good time. If you are looking for a fun time and want to make some fun memories, Cassidy's the girl for you.
  • Emily – Emily is known for landing herself on both the naughty and the nice list at Christmas. She's beautiful, but she's smart too. Even though she's a college student, she's still a party girl at heart. If you want an entertainer who is naturally funny and ready to have a great time, Emily has the subjects you'll want to learn about!
  • Joy – Never one to say no, Joy likes to go all out. The phrase one is never enough fits Joy's personality. Take a chance and sign up for her sweepstakes. You have a chance to spend some quality time with one of our best girls. Joy is the real deal with a few extra tricks thrown in for good measure!
  • Lucy – Lucy is a shy girl. With a little encouragement, however, she turns into modeling superstar who has a flair for lingerie and all things erotic. Her main assets tend to precede her into the room, giving you and your party their first glimpse of what could turn out to be an adventurous night!
  • Kaitlyn – Spontaneous and adventurous, Kaitlyn has an open mind and loves to have fun. She loves to listen to music and dance the night away. She loves sports and traveling is always looking for her next big adventure!
  • Kate – Kate loves all things exotic. From her special cologne, Sex Panther, to her willingness to turn up the heat on the dance floor, Kate's goal is to have fun and push the limits. Everything she does has an erotic flair that is destined to bring you to the edge!
  • Katya – Exotic and beautiful, Katya is one of a kind. She loves to wear the skimpiest lingerie so she can show off her gorgeous tan and lean body. Her long hair and brilliant smile are just two of the things people notice about her. Watch her and the dance floor and she'll allow you to see so much more!
  • Marissa – Marissa is one of our more hands on dancers. She loves getting into the music and, her beautiful smile will make you melt. She's the perfect choice for parties where you want the highest level of excitement. She's one of a kind and is always looking to bring out the best in your guests.
  • Paige – Paige is the explorer of the group and is always up to try new things. Her adventurous spirit knows no limits and she's always willing to push those boundaries. She loves to move and is always on the go. She loves sports and any activity that gets her heart racing!
  • Sammy - Sammy is the love child. She loves to laugh, have fun and spend her time experiencing the outdoors. She loves to socialize with her friends and share her experiences with everyone she meets. When you want to have a great time, Sammy is your obvious choice!
  • Sasha – Always spontaneous and intriguingly erotic, Sasha loves to please and her sensuality is always on display. She loves to dance and have a great time with her friends. Invite her to your party and let her show you how much fun she can be!

We hire the best entertainers in the business. If you have any doubts, hire us and we will show you the caliber of girls we have on staff. Our girls have a reputation of being able to take a dull party and shove it straight off the charts. If you're getting ready to host a party, stop by our office and look through our directory of entertainers and choose the one that makes your heart beat the fastest. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Why Choose Us?

Why do people choose Premier Party Strippers? Because we guarantee that when you book a specific dancer, you get that dancer. We aren't like other entertainment companies that will show you one picture and send you someone completely different. We guarantee that what you see in the picture is exactly what you will get in person. Our dances have proven themselves over and over again. They have helped us to build a positive reputation throughout Orange County and the rest of Southern California. We make sure they arrive on time every time and have everything they need to put on a stellar performance. People return us time and again because we always guarantee our services and do our very best to make sure your party is a complete success.

The Best in the Business

As the best in the business, we only hire the most beautiful dancers and entertainers. Along with that beauty, we also require complete confidentiality and the ultimate in professionalism. We understand your need for privacy and will make sure all of your information remains 100% confidential. From the second you dial our phone number until when the door shuts behind our dancer as she leaves, we protect your privacy. We maintain the highest security standards to fully protect your information during the application process and are completely discreet when discussing the arrangements. We are the best in the entertainment because we make sure you always get the best performance for an affordable price. We are even able to offer same day service! Our reliability is well-known throughout the Southern California area and we take great pride in the level of professionalism our entertainers display in their work.

Orange County Strippers & Adult Entertainment

If you are hosting a party anywhere near Orange County in Southern California and are looking to hire the most beautiful entertainers in the area, call us today. At Premier Party Strippers, our dancers and entertainers are the very best in the business. Call 877-486-9499 to schedule your party today and choose your entertainer. We offer our services in many different communities, including:

  • Beverly Hills
  • San Bernardino
  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Barbara
  • Palm Springs
  • Ventura
  • Riverside

No matter where you are planning on holding your event, we can make it happen. With our affordable rates, you may even want to hire an additional dancer to make sure everyone gets the one on one attention they deserve. If you want guaranteed satisfaction with the best dancers in the business, call Premier Party Strippers today. With our same day service, we can provide you with immediate satisfaction, no matter when you call. Call our office today to ensure that your party is one for the record books. If you want the best Premier Party Strippers is only a phone call away!