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Los Angeles Adult Entertainment

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking for premier entertainment at an affordable price, Premier Party Strippers can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Our extensive network of exotic dancers and strippers allow us to serve many areas in Southern California. Our Los Angeles area clients can call 877-486-9499 any time of the day or night to receive SAME DAY service. We have both male and female dancers available and offer affordable rates. We offer top of the line entertainment with client satisfaction that is second to none in the area.

Types of Services and Events

Premier Party Strippers offers several services for a wide variety of events. A few of our most common types of parties and celebrations include:

  • Birthday Parties – Whether you are 21 or 101, nothing can compare to having an exotic dancer help you celebrate your birthday. At Premier Party Strippers, we make sure each and every birthday party we participate in is one to remember. Making memories is what we are all about!

  • Divorce Parties – Divorces can be ugly, but your party doesn't have to be. Our exotic dancers and strippers are the best industry. We take pride in being able to hire the very best in the business. Whether you are looking for a male or female entertainer, we have one that is sure to make you smile.

  • Going Away Parties – Leaving your friends and family for a new adventure? Why not start it off with a party? Our exotic dancers and strippers can provide the final touch to close any type of chapter in your life. It doesn't matter whether you are leaving an old job to start a new career or moving across the country to start a whole new chapter of your life. It's time to celebrate!

  • Retirement Gatherings – You've dedicated years of your life to your job, now it's time to celebrate your retirement. We hire professional entertainers who can provide you with the level of entertainment you need to celebrate all of your hard work!

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties – Our entertainers are ultimate professionals when it comes to providing fun and exciting entertainment. We have on staff both male and female entertainers who are available to provide the best entertainment possible for your bachelor or bachelorette party!

  • Company Parties – Are you looking for something different for your next corporate/company party? Our professional entertainers offer a variety of services that will be the highlight of any party or gathering.

  • Private Parties - Feeling lonely tonight? Pick up the phone and give us a call so we can brighten up your mood and pick up the excitement level at your home or hotel.
  • Fantasy Draft Parties – Take the stress and frustration out of your fantasy draft meetings by letting one of our entertainers help you with your choices. Our exotic dancers and entertainers can make your fantasy draft meetings fun and exciting!

Our exotic dancers are the most popular in the Los Angeles area. They are well known for their unique costumes, party tricks, and professional props. They have the tools and your resources they need to make your party as interesting as possible. We go to great lengths to interview and ultimately higher the exotic dancers, strippers, and entertainers that we can guarantee will provide you with the highest quality of entertainment possible.

Featured Exotic Dancers and Strippers

At Premier Party Strippers, we only hire the best, most professional entertainers in the industry. Each of our entertainers must agree to the strictest of confidentiality policies. Our entertainers are held to the highest of standards when it comes to professionalism and quality entertainment. When you call to book your party or event, we allow you to view several photos of dancers who are available on the date you've chosen. We always attempt to make sure that the dancer that arrives at your party is the one from the photograph you picked, but due to availability this is not guaranteed. We pride ourselves in being able to offer you exactly what you see in the photographs you choose from. Whether you are looking for a blonde, brunette or redhead, we have an exotic dancer that will fit the bill.

Some of our most popular dancers include:

  • Marissa – Blond, casual, fun and enticing
  • Katya – Dark hair, long legs, and somewhat of a dark side
  • Kate – Black hair, exotic in every way, loves to have fun!
  • Brianna – Long, blond hair, loves the beach, and addicted to love!
  • Cassidy – Blond hair, loves to dance, and a touch on the crazy side
  • Sasha – Light brown hair, very sensual and sexually intriguing
  • Emily – Dark brown hair, loves to learn new things, and naturally beautiful
  • Paige – Long dark hair, athletically inclined and loves to have fun in a natural setting
  • Kaitlyn – Beautiful blond hair, naturally spontaneous, loves to dance and make new friends
  • Lucy – Long dark hair, somewhat shy, but her assets precede her and she becomes rather outgoing
  • Sammy – Dark blond hair, beautiful smile, loves sharing the joys of life with her friends
  • Paige – Darkly exotic, long black hair, loves to smile and have fun with friends!

We hire only the best in professional entertainers, which means you not only get exactly what you want, you get it at an affordable price. Each of our girls is well-trained within the industry and are capable of providing you with the highest quality of entertainment that is both tasteful and professional on every level. As professional entertainers, each of our exotic dancers maintains an immaculate wardrobe and their appearance is always perfect for each and every show. We also have a variety of costumes each dancer can choose from that can accommodate almost any theme or type of party/event imaginable.


At Premier Party Strippers, we keep our rates as low as possible. We understand how hard each of our exotic dancers works at keeping you and your guests entertained. With our rates being the lowest in the Los Angeles area, we make it possible for our entertainers to earn the tips they deserve. When you book a party and hire one of our exotic dancers, one of the first things we do is encourage you to tip generously. Our dancers take pride in every aspect of their appearance, as well as maintaining their physical health. This allows them to work for several hours without taking long breaks. The goal is to make sure you get the most entertainment for your money.

While many entertainment agencies charge exorbitant fees and rates, we don't. By keeping our rates low, we make it possible for you to have the highest quality of entertainment at a reasonable price. This also ensures that you are able to tip your entertainer accordingly. Much like for any other service, we want our entertainers to be as well paid as possible. In our business, this means keeping party rates affordable so you have the money available to generously tip our dancers.


If you want quality entertainment, you want to hire entertainers you can trust. If you live in or are visiting the Los Angeles area, you want to hire an entertainment company that offers you the most for your money. At Premier Party Strippers, we offer many benefits that other agencies don't. We go above and beyond what is expected for two main reasons. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience and we want you to think of us again when you host another party or gathering. We offer the following benefits to all of our clients:

  • What You See is What You Get – When you choose a dancer from the photos we offer, rest assured we always try to make sure that is the entertainer that will arrive for your party. We don't believe in the bait and switch maneuver some agencies use and will guarantee that you are happy with your choice. There are occasions in which due to scheduling issues arise at which point we will send the next best and closest available option. 

  • Reliability – When you book with us, we make sure our dancers have everything they need before they arrive at your gathering. All of our staff take pride in providing reliable service that you can always count on. What we offer is exactly what you get, each time, every time.

  • On Time, Every Time – Your entertainer will arrive on time, every time. If an unforeseen delay arises, you will be immediately notified so that you can plan your event accordingly. We work extremely hard to ensure that there are no delays in the arrival or the time of the performance.

  • Professionalism at its Best – When you call to make your appointment, we will let you know our guidelines and what our dancers expect when they perform. Our exotic dancers and strippers are highly skilled at what they do, but they are also able to handle themselves in difficult situations. Each and every one of our entertainers are consummate professionals and expect to be treated as such.

  • Same Day Service – If you're in a bind and need to hire a dancer in a hurry, we offer same day service. While you may not be able to pick the dancer you would like, we have several to choose from. All of our dancers are capable of performing in almost any environment and for any type of event.

  • Complete, Guaranteed Confidentiality – In our business, we understand the need for complete, 100% guaranteed confidentiality. We will keep all of your information and the details of your gathering fully protected. Our offices are heavily protected and our entertainers understand the utmost importance of maintaining complete confidentiality.

  • The Most Affordable Rates in Los Angeles – Our rates are affordable so that our dancers can get the tips they deserve. They work hard to make sure you and your guests have a great time and we want them to get the tips they deserve.

Hiring exotic dancers shouldn't be a stressful experience. As a professional service, we guarantee what we offer and make sure you are completely satisfied at the end of the show. Additionally our dancers and our service provide the utmost discretion when working with us. 

Premier Party Strippers is THE agency to go to in the Los Angeles area if you are looking for the best in adult entertainment. If you have questions or are ready to book your event, call 877-486-9499 today and talk to one of our agents. The phones are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. If you want quality exotic dancers, don't call just anyone. In the Los Angeles area, Premier Party Strippers is well known for their affordable rates, gorgeous entertainers, and professional behavior. We go above and beyond because we know that is what our clients expect. Don't settle for second best! Call our office today!