Before the Party

  • Inform the Guest!
    • Inform everyone well in advance that exotic dancers will be providing the entertainment. We don't want your guests to be offended Let everyone know the format of the show and how to properly tip their dancers and entertainers. If you are hosting the party, it is your responsibility to ensure all of the rules are followed and that the dancers are treated with respect at all times.
  • Prepare Group Entertainment Room:
    • Many of our shows take place in a home setting, in most cases, the living room. Make sure all of the furniture is moved to the side and out of the way so the dancer has room to perform.
  • Prepare Individual/Private Entertainment:
    • Make sure there is an area for one on one performances. This can also be the same area the performers use to change into their costumes.
  • Prepare Performer's CHANGING ROOM:
    • We like our female dancers to have privacy when changing into their costumes.