The Party Itself

  • Dancers Arrive:
    • Dancers will arrive according to the scheduled time. If you can offer a 30 minute window to give your dancers plenty of time to arrive.
  • Collection of Party Fees:
    • The entertainers will collect all party fees prior to their performance. It is important to have the fee ready when they arrive.
  • Dancers Will Start Show:
    • Your booked show time will also include travel time for the dancers to arrive. Female dancers will either need to prepare for the show or they will arrive ready to perform as soon as they get there. Make sure all of your guests are on time and in place when the show is ready to start. This prevents delays and will keep things moving according to schedule. We run a tight schedule and do not have time for lengthy delays. In most cases, our schedules don't take into account delayed start times. If for some reason, the show does start late, your show may not run as long as planned.