During the Perfomance

  • Tip your entertainers:
    • Tipping is a standard of our industry. Entertainers continually work for tips during their entire performance. All entertainers in the industry follow these standards and tipping is considered to be an essential part of the show. You can read through the Show Descriptions to learn proper tipping etiquette. It is important that all guests understand the tipping etiquette and are prepared to tip if they plan on participating in the performance.
  • Participate:
    • Without crowd participation, parties lose some of the entertainment value. It is important to go with the flow and follow the dancer's lead. This keeps the party exciting. As the host, it is your responsibility to get things off to a good start. Tip often and be positive! Put your best foot forward, play a few games and enjoy the festivities.
  • Respect the entertainers:
    • Dancers and entertainers must be respected at all times. The rules must be followed when it comes to proper etiquette and courtesy. It is up to you to make sure the party goes off without a hitch. Guests must be kept under control if you plan on having a night that is full of fun and enjoyable memories. It is important to remember no refunds will be given if the dancers are disrespected, harmed in ANY way, or threatened. The show will be over and you will forfeit any refund.