Frequently Asked Questions

Reserve your dancers and entertainer a soon as you determine the date of your party or event. We schedule our entertainers on a first come, first serve basis. We are often completely booked for weekends, so make your reservation well in advance if possible. By booking now and making changes later, we can make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

If you call us during normal business hours, we will make sure all of your questions are answered. We will take you through the reservation process, from start to finish and will provide you with all of the information you need to have a successful party. We are extremely busy during the day, so if you call and get our voicemail, we will call you as soon as we get off of the other line. When we book your event, we will need to know the time, date and place of the event. To finish the reservation, you must give us your name and phone number. Any other information we need we can get when we finalize the details for the event.

  • Party Details:
    • To book any event, we will need to know the date, time and exact location.
  • Debit/Credit Card (If Applicable*):  
    • To secure a reservation, we will need a valid credit card. In some cases, a deposit may be required. This will depend no the time and location of your event. Even though you book with a card, the host can pay the performers in cash if they so choose.
    • Most bookings will be paid in cash at the time of the event but in some cases we request Debit/Credit Card.*
  • Any Helpful Information Needed to Book the Reservation:
    • We will need to know of any time constraints prior to the party that might affect the time and duration of your show.
    • Do you have any preferences when it comes to costumes? Do you have any special requests we need to be aware of?
    • We want to make sure you get the dancers you want. Depending on the number of guests you plan on having, we recommend reserving two dancers.
    • We will also need a secondary contact information for the night of the party, in case we cannot reach the primary number.
    • If the entertainers are going to a hotel, we will need the room number the name on the reservation.
  • Parking:
    • It is important that our entertainers have appropriate parking available when they arrive. If this is a problem, let us know in advance so we can make other arrangements
  • Inform the Guest!
    • Inform everyone well in advance that exotic dancers will be providing the entertainment. We don't want your guests to be offended Let everyone know the format of the show and how to properly tip their dancers and entertainers. If you are hosting the party, it is your responsibility to ensure all of the rules are followed and that the dancers are treated with respect at all times.
  • Prepare Group Entertainment Room:
    • Many of our shows take place in a home setting, in most cases, the living room. Make sure all of the furniture is moved to the side and out of the way so the dancer has room to perform.
  • Prepare Individual/Private Entertainment:
    • Make sure there is an area for one on one performances. This can also be the same area the performers use to change into their costumes.
  • Prepare Performer's CHANGING ROOM:
    • We like our female dancers to have privacy when changing into their costumes.
  • Dancers Arrive:
    • Dancers will arrive according to the scheduled time. If you can offer a 30 minute window to give your dancers plenty of time to arrive.
  • Collection of Party Fees:
    • The entertainers will collect all party fees prior to their performance. It is important to have the fee ready when they arrive.
  • Dancers Will Start Show:
    • Your booked show time will also include travel time for the dancers to arrive. Female dancers will either need to prepare for the show or they will arrive ready to perform as soon as they get there. Make sure all of your guests are on time and in place when the show is ready to start. This prevents delays and will keep things moving according to schedule. We run a tight schedule and do not have time for lengthy delays. In most cases, our schedules don't take into account delayed start times. If for some reason, the show does start late, your show may not run as long as planned.
  • Tip your entertainers:
    • Tipping is a standard of our industry. Entertainers continually work for tips during their entire performance. All entertainers in the industry follow these standards and tipping is considered to be an essential part of the show. You can read through the Show Descriptions to learn proper tipping etiquette. It is important that all guests understand the tipping etiquette and are prepared to tip if they plan on participating in the performance.
  • Participate:
    • Without crowd participation, parties lose some of the entertainment value. It is important to go with the flow and follow the dancer's lead. This keeps the party exciting. As the host, it is your responsibility to get things off to a good start. Tip often and be positive! Put your best foot forward, play a few games and enjoy the festivities.
  • Respect the entertainers:
    • Dancers and entertainers must be respected at all times. The rules must be followed when it comes to proper etiquette and courtesy. It is up to you to make sure the party goes off without a hitch. Guests must be kept under control if you plan on having a night that is full of fun and enjoyable memories. It is important to remember no refunds will be given if the dancers are disrespected, harmed in ANY way, or threatened. The show will be over and you will forfeit any refund.

Our dancers are highly trained and know exactly what to do to keep the party going. If they make a particular request, please honor it and trust that they do know what is best for the situation.

The only difference between our entertainers and those in the clubs, is that they come to you. Your fees pay for that convenience.

  • Cancellation Policy:
    • Our cancellation policy is as follows:
    • All cancellations must be received in an email (in written form) to be valid. Any cancellation received up to 72 hours prior to the time of the event, will require a $25 fee to be processed. A $75 fee (per each entertainer) will be charged if a cancellation s requested if made less than 72 hours prior to the party. A $100 fee per entertainer will be required for same day cancellations. If you decide to reschedule the event within 6 months of the original cancellation, all processing fees will be applied toward the new event. The deposit can also be applied to the next party.
  • Refund Policy:
    • There are NO refunds and NO exceptions once the party has taken place. No credit charge card backs will be given once the dancer has been allowed to enter the facility and begin her performance.

Although we try our very best to keep with your original choice, emergencies do arise. In this case, it is our right to substitute another entertainer who is comparable in every way to your original choice. We cannot guarantee that a performer will be available on a given day due to their availability and scheduling. Our main function is to provide you with the best exotic entertainment possible. The best way to get what you want is to book your event well into the future.