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What Does This Include:

You get a wide selection of Dances, Games or a combination of both to ensure that the Preferred Party Guest, Bachelor or Party Host has the best time possible.

Popular Game Choices:

Some of our most popular games include Bush Beer, Mudslides, Lollipops, Body Shots, Whipped Cream, Oil Rubs and Melting Wax, just to name a few.

Our Entertainers vs. Strip Clubs

The main difference between our entertainers and strip clubs is that we come to you! We charge one initial fee, which covers the cost of transporting our dancers to your venue. We make your show the best show because it is where YOU want to be.

Unlimited Time Based on Audience Participation

The only fee you will be charged is what we collect prior to the start of the show. While most companies limit your time, our dancers are more than willing to stay as long as audience participation is high and the tips are flowing. They work hard to keep you entertained. The more you tip, the longer they will stay and the more fun you and your guests will have.

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